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Are you up-to-date with your Payroll?

Has your workforce gone remote and if so, does your current payroll system support this? And more importantly: Are you up-to-date with your payroll?

We know from experience that processing payroll can be time-consuming and that if anything goes wrong – it will cost you even more of your valuable time. But we understand you probably don’t have time to spare with the current COVID-19 crisis going on. That’s why we are here to help!

We can work remotely and don’t even have to come to your office. You will have the same staff member assigned to you with available back-up.

Please refer to our Services below:

- Digital Payroll Processing (if not set-up yet, we can have this set-up quickly for you)

- Confirming all your Staff Entitlements are correct (incl. Superannuation)

Let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you in these difficult times.

Kind Regards,

Joanne, Tricia & Therese

The Three Bookkeeping & Admin Services

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